Choosing a Mower

a 2019 Kubota ZD1211-60 lawn mower

Choosing the Right Mower

When you’re shopping for the perfect lawn mower, there are many key factors you’ll need to consider. After all, the type of machine you choose will largely depend on your yard conditions. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of options out there. At Normangee Tractor, we’re proud to carry an impressive selection of lawn mowers for sale. Keep reading to learn more. When you’re ready to browse our inventory, visit us in Normangee, TX near College Station, Bryan, and Huntsville.

Determining What You Need

Your personal preference and budget restrictions will certainly impact your decision. It helps to establish these parameters so you can narrow down the options before you begin shopping. For example, some consumers don’t mind the lengthy, gentle process of using a push mower. Others might be more limited in their ability and need a machine they can ride rather than push. Of course, if your property consists of a massive field that stretches from one end to the other, you’ll likely be less thrilled with the idea of a low walk-behind model and more intrigued by a zero-turn lawn mower.

Push and Walk-Behind Mowers

Push mowers are ideal for handling small patches of grass. You won’t need to worry about fuel and you won’t be producing enough clippings to call for any other accessories or attachments aside from a collection bag, if that. These models come in various widths and are easily the most affordable option. If your lawn isn’t gigantic and you’re looking for a simple mower, this is the ideal choice for you.

If you need a bit more power to tackle your yard, you can consider a walk-behind model. These lawn mowers are long-lasting pieces of equipment that are highly efficient when handling small yards. The options include gas or electric, push or self-propelled, and there are also options for the type and length of cut. You’ll be pleased to learn these machines are still fairly priced. They’ll also last for quite a while without needing much when it comes to maintenance.

Zero-Turn Mowers

For the true lawn manicurists, you’re probably looking for a more robust option like a zero-turn mower. As the name indicates, these models are capable of executing turns with an effective radius of zero. This means you can easily turn after finishing a pass and line it up perfectly for the next one. These machines are especially fast, offer the most precise cut possible, and can handle obstacles without a problem. They’re a bit trickier to learn how to maneuver and they aren’t very effective against blade heights over six inches.

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