Choosing an ATV

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What Type of ATV is Right for You?

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Normangee Tractor knows just how exciting it is to start shopping for a new ATV but we also know the importance of choosing the right model to meet your needs. There are many different models to choose from and they’re all geared toward a specific type of riding. You don’t want to purchase the first beautiful ATV you lay your eyes on because the perfect model for your lifestyle could be waiting just around the corner! We’ve gathered some useful information on ATVs to help you make your decision.

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ATV Uses

In order to figure out what type of ATV you should invest in, you first need to decide what you’ll use it for. Many riders prefer a recreational ATV when they’re just looking for some good old-fashioned fun on the off-road trails. In other cases, the impressive hauling capabilities of certain ATV models makes them highly desirable for work-related projects. You’ll save plenty of time and energy when you choose the right ATV model for your job site.

Types of ATVs

Now that you’ve determined what you’ll use your ATV for, it’s time to choose a model. First, there are utility ATVs, which happen to the be the most common. These models boasts a bulky, boxy style with a heavy-duty attitude. Features include a cargo rack, two-up seats, and tow hitches. Utility ATVs are built for maximum performance and endurance through even the roughest conditions. The other main category is sport ATVs, which are much sleeker, lighter, and faster. Sport ATVs come equipped with suspension systems that are carefully designed to provide the smoothest ride possible.

Check Out an ATV in Action:

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