Lamar Trailers

Lamar Trailers:

Hauling America for Over a Decade.

Lamar Trailers are designed to meet real-world needs. Since 2003, Lamar Trailers has been crafted with fine American craftsmanship. From transporting vehicles to hauling agricultural equipment, trust a Lamar for easy, secure transportation.

Normangee Tractor provides an array of Lamar Trailers to all of Texas, including the College Station, Bryan, and Huntsville areas. Browse some of our most popular Lamar models below by application, or stop for guidance in your selection.

Popular Lamar Trailer Models:

Common FAQs Answered by Lamar Trailers:

Q: What kind of warranty comes with a Lamar Trailer?

A: Lamar Trailers come with a three year frame warranty, and a one year paint and component warranty.

Q: What does "GVWR" mean?
A: GVWR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. This is the maximum weight of a fully loaded trailer, including your payload. For safety, never exceed our GVWR listings.

Q: What does "GAWR" mean?
A: GAWR is simply your axle rating. It's the total weight capable of being carried by a single axle.

Q: What's the difference between GVWR and Payload?
A: GVWR is the total capacity of the trailer, including the maximum payload and the weight of the trailer itself. Your payload is how much cargo weight the trailer can actually carry, which doesn't include the weight of the trailer.

If you think about it, the axles have to carry the trailer too. Lamar trailers are made of steel, and some of the larger models can get really heavy. Payload is simply a more realistic number to think in when talking about how much weight your trailer can carry. But GVWR is important, too!

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