Kubota B-Series & BX-Series Tractors

Be More Productive. Period.

Take on everything from work around the yard to light construction with compact Kubota B-Series Tractors.

Mow, tow, push, pull, dig and lift with Kubota's hardworking B-Series Tractors from Normangee Tractor & Impl. Co. We carry Kubota's full line of B-Series workhorses, including the B2301 and B2601 for heavy duty jobs around the house, B2620, B3350SU, B2650 and B3350, perfect for light construction work.

In addition to the B-Series, we also carry Kubota’s BX-Series, including the BX1870DV, BX2370DV, BX2670DV, and BX25DLBA, great for everything from mowing the lawn to commercial landscaping. Even though they’re compact in design, they exert powerful performance for the most demanding tasks. Choose the BX-Series for their agility, maneuverability, and overall value.

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Kubota B-Series

Count on the Kubota B-Series for everything from light construction to small chores around the house. With its increased efficiency, power, and comfort, you won’t be disappointed.

Kubota BX-Series

The BX-Series is built with the strength and versatility of compact utility tractors. Their agile 4WD handling and feel of a garden tractor make this series an easy choice.

Other Popular Kubota B-Series & BX-Series Models:

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